Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Special Issue on Anti-Counterfeiting - Oxford J. IP Law and Practice

The Oxford Journal ofIntellectual Property Law and Practice published a special issue on Anti-Counterfeiting. Full texts of the aricles are only accessible by subscribers but the Jounal's blog provides some editorial notes.

It does not seem that the editors' main concerns are the potential harmful effects by the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. One of the editor said in the blog that "the secrecy around the negotiations and the draft text has nourished the partially unjustified fears not only of Pirate Party partisans and anti-ACTA-activists, but also from MEPs and policy makers across all parties, and the EU data protection supervisor."

The special issue contains seven articles:
  • Stephan Engels,Counterfeiting and piracy: the industry perspective [Abstract]
  • James L. Bikoff, Keri A.F. Johnston, David K. Heasley, Phillip V. Marano, and Andrea Long, Hauling in the middleman: contributory trade mark infringement in North America [Abstract]
  • Marius Haman, Africa rising to the anti-counterfeiting challenge [Abstract]
  • Lambert Pechan and Marius Schneider, Carriers and trade mark infringements: should carriers care? [Abstract]
  • Olivier Vrins, The real story of a fiction: transit after Montex under Regulation (EC) 1383/2003 [Abstract]
  • Joe Cohen and Annick Mottet Haugaard, Monetary compensation for trade mark infringement in the European Union [Abstract]
  • Benoit Godart, IP crime: the new face of organized crime: From IP theft to IP crime [Abstract]

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