Saturday, April 17, 2010

Draft Text of ACTA to be Made Public Next Week (April 21st)

The Joint Statement of the ACTA 8th round indicated that a draft text would be made public on April 21th. The Statement also confirmed no mandatory "graduate response" or "three strikes rule" to repeat copyright infringers. But no mandatory rule does not seem to mean no de facto three strikes rule.

In a press release, USTR showed a continued controversy on the scope of ACTA. The EU still wants criminal enforcement and border measure extended to cover patent and other forms of intellectual property and the US opposes this proposal.

It is noteworthy to see how the negotiators's affirmation that "ACTA will not interfere with a signatory's ability to respect its citizens' fundamental rights and liberties, and will be consistent with the TRIPS Agreement" is reflected in the actual text.

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